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About Us

Hello! Let me introduce Positively OhKay. My name is Kaylee Curts. I am the Creative Director at Positively OhKay. I am a 23-year-old momma to a delightful two-year-old and just another every day average human being. My hobbies include momming, TV watching, DIY-ing, and searching the world for new exponential growth and experiences. 

I created Positively OhKay to bring awareness to the power of positivity, mindfulness, & affirmations. 

Our goal at Positively OhKay is to help ourselves and others in relentlessly believing just that. That we can be positively okay.

We know that life has a way of bringing negative things to us and knocking us down. Our thoughts can take over and leave us feeling stooped. It can be hard to remember that all it takes is one small phrase or activity to change our mindset and keep ourselves going. The more we remind ourselves the easier life may feel.

At Positively OhKay wholeness is happiness. We hope to provide items that help the world exercise their mind in feeling whole, well-rounded, and positive. Things that remind us that we are in control and we can manifest anything and everything we have ever dreamt of. 

Thank you for taking the time to learn about us and for all of your support. We are so grateful that you are here and just for that we are giving you $5 off your order! Just enter code ABOUTUS at check out.

Lots of love,

Positively OhKay